Latymer Mission, Blechynden Street.

A small folder of images of The Latymer Mission has been passed on to me so I will take the opportunity to share them. I have also included photos that came originally from Rose Vinten and Charles Buckle and from the Latymer Christian Centre.

Timely,  since I notice that there is a new comment on the posting on Walmer Road that mentions the Boys Brigade run by John Buckle at the Latymer Mission.

Latymer Mission in the 1920s or 1930s, Blechynden Street.

Latymer Mission in the 1920s or 1930s, Blechynden Street.


The Latymer Mission is highlighted in red in this map of 1935

The Latymer Mission is highlighted in red in this map of 1935

The Latymer Mission featured here disappeared in the redevelopment programme in the 1960s and 1970s for the construction of Westway and the housing estates to the south.

Latymer Road Mission Rooms were opened in 1863 as a Ragged School (before the introduction of state education) and later became a Boys Evening Institute. An Infant Day Nursery was opened in 1880 to provide help to the many women employed in the local laundries.

From the early days there are many postcards that probably existed to help fund raising (see below) and they give a good ides of the varied activities in the nineteenth century.

Feeding Hungry Children.LAT C.C.1Latymer Mission gymnasium.ssLatymer Mission girl guidesCripples.Latymer.C.CLatymer Mission soup kitchen








There are also some fine images of the Infant Day Nursery.

Bathing Children 1917 L.Miss.BuckleHigh Chair.Lat Miss.Buckle







Latymer road Mission Nursery School.ssActivities continued after World War Two. Perhaps remembered most by local people was the Boys Brigade,  run since the 1930s by John Buckle and seen and heard throughout the local streets as they marched past on Sundays.

Boys brigade laymer Miss.Buckle

Jean Rixon marrying Phillip Buckle, the son of "Skip" Buckle who ran the Boys' Brigade at the Mission. This information was supplied by Rosalind Jackson (nee Rixon, of 38 Mersey Street until demolition).

Jean Rixon marrying Phillip Buckle, the son of “Skip” Buckle who ran the Boys’ Brigade at the Mission. This information was supplied by Rosalind Jackson (nee Rixon, of 38 Mersey Street until demolition).

Rosalind Jackson and her sisters belonged to the Girls’ Life Brigade at the Mission. They attended Sunday School and also played in the Girls’ Band.

The pictures below were sent in by Margaret Pitcher who sent in the following memories.

Attached are some personal memories of Latimer Road Mission.
I attended Sunday school there from the age of six (1948) until 1954. The main hall is where it was held and we (children) split into age appropriate groups each with a teacher for our lessons. I can recall the minister Mr Lyddel.  I loved Harvest Festival. The hall was decorated and we all went up to the stage to place our gifts of fruit and vegetables etc. There was also a play centre with evening activities, arts and music etc. I remember the Boy’s Brigade. My brother was involved in that and I was in the Brownies. The chapel was lovely, small and plain. We attended many weddings and christenings there.

About 1949 at the Latymer Mission. Margaret is in the front fourth from left.

About 1949 at the Latymer Mission. Margaret is in the front fourth from left.

May Queen Pageant  1953.  Margaret is seated at left (looking at photo) My younger sister is seated in front of me.

May Queen Pageant  1953.  Margaret is seated at left (looking at photo) My younger sister is seated in front of me.


More memories below from James Farndale

I lived in Oldham Road from about 1942 until 1959/1960 when I was called up for National Service. When I was discharged in 1961 I went home to a new address at East Acton. I remember going to Sunday school at the Mission and being a cub scout for a very short time. I seem to think we went with the Mission to Windsor for a short holiday. I had rickets when I was 3 or 4 years old, and I was led to believe the Mission (via The Shaftsbury Society) paid for my treatment at the Children’s Hospital at Carlshalton. I have since tried to find out what treatment I received (I was away from home for some time), but because it was before the formation of the NHS no one knows where the records are. I knew the Rixon Twins, from Mersey St. I wouldn’t say we played together but we certainly hung out together with other young people, who I can’t remember.

And from Brian Iles 

      I was born four months before the outbreak of the second world war at number 70 Blechynden Street which was at the end of the block of houses seen on the right of the first picture shown on the site, and lived there until I got married in 1963. The shop by the lamp post on the corner of Oldham Road and Blechynden Street was Sleeps the greengrocers and the one at the far end on the corner of East Mews Road was an oil shop owned by Mr and Mrs Webster, which sold all sorts of interesting things like little tied up bundles of wood for lighting the fire. Opposite the mission was Tom Fox’s sweets and newspaper shop.

     During the war part of the Mission was used as an air raid shelter and I can still recall being carried there by my mother as the raids started and staying there until the “all clear” siren sounded. As a toddler there I experienced my first ever “sense of false security” when the Air Raid Warden let me put on his helmet and I went to the door of the shelter thinking I would be safe if a bomb dropped on me. When I was old enough I became a member of the Life Boys which was run by a woman whose name I can’t remember but we had to call her captain. It was held in the main hall on the first floor of the mission a couple of evenings a week and you could not go unless you had attended Sunday School the preceding weekend. I can remember that there was a large painting on the hall wall of Lord Shaftsbury, the one time president of the Ragged School Union and promoter of reforms to help and educate children of poor families.

I always aspired to progress to the Boys Brigade because I had wanted to join in with  the band and march round the streets on a Sunday morning which we used to follow as younger children. I didn’t last long there though as I joined the Harrow Boys Club. Happy days with lots of sports and camping holidays at the Isle of Wight. Does anyone remember Lou Ashman the club manager?

I recognize some of the names of people posting their memories. I remember Jimmy Farndale and Norman Norrington as I believe we were all at Latimer Road school, and I certainly remember the Rixon twins.

The Latymer Christian Centre is now on Bramley Road next to Westway.

If you can tell us more or have your own memories of the Mission, email them to me here at and they can be added to this posting or add them directly to the comments below.

Sue Snyder


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67 Responses to Latymer Mission, Blechynden Street.

  1. Thank you so much for adding the photos. Albie Vickers

  2. Peter norrington says:

    We lived at 40 Blechynden Street. Me mum Eileen dad Bert. Brothers Norman and Ron I know most of the people in your wonderful history – it was a great place to live. Yes it was squalor ? But we loved it. I also went to the Harrow Club many happy memories. Rip Jonny Corney and Peter Parry.
    Peter Norrington

  3. Margaret Pitcher Morgan says:

    Just noticed the comment from Brian Iles. I would love to be able to contact him..

  4. glenys sellers. says:

    Anyone remember the.. Sellers…Reade…O´Connor families…..they lived in Latimer Road and used to attend the Mission..I believe Derek Reade played in the band.

    • Joe Webb says:

      Hi Glenys yes I can remember the Reads,Sellers,and O’connors.
      Would be right to prosum your dad is Tommy Sellers he was a electrician lived near
      The Brit pub in Latimer Road Tommy was married to Derek Reade sister and
      Derek played the trumpet in the Latimer Mission boys brigade

      • Phoebe O'connor says:

        Hello Glenys and Joe, the O’connor family, did it consist of Terence, Kit, Joan, Joyce, and their mother and father Florence and Frederick? Terence (my great grandad also had a friend named jimmy coles)

  5. Roy Farndale says:

    I used to go to sunday school at the mission, I also belonged to Harrow boys club, I remember Lew Ashman, also the manager before him, I cant remember his name, but he was a tall man, he retired to cornwall I believe, my brother has a comment on here too, I remember the Rixons in Mersey street, TomFox owner of the sweet shop opposite the mission was my mums cousin, it was a poor district, but I had a lovely childhood there. Roy Farndale used to live in Oldham road on the map on here its Manchester road, it was renamed about 1934 ish.

    • Brian Iles says:

      Hello Roy. I believe the manager at the Harrow Club before Lou Ashman was called Jonah, he was a lanky bloke who smoked a pipe. I also seem to recall that there was a caretaker named Gus. Amazing how we hang on to these little bits of memory.

  6. Maureen Phillips nee Kirkum says:

    remember Brian Isles did he marry Pat O Sullivan

  7. James Farndale says:

    Interesting comments from local lads from Oldham Road and surrounding roads. I have just remembered a few names of lads “titchy” Hewitt, a tall boy lived in a shop converted to accommodation (I think my memory is right but I wouldn’t swear on my life though). I remember David Humphries lived next to the Black Bull pub in Silchester Road, and my best mate Jimmy Slaney in the small block of flats in Calverly street, which was very smooth whitish tarmac type finish which was great for roller skating and a scooter track with our home made wooden scooters. I remember we used to get some roller bearings from the Pamber Street Ford garage.
    I had a good mate Brian Bateman who lived half way up Latimer Road towards the North Pole, I think his Dad worked at Park Royal Vehicles making Buses. Another ” friend” was Michael North who also lived in Latimer Road almost opposite Silchester Road. I can’t remember Brian Iles, but I also got married in 1963 and still going strong. It was a slum area, but to us it was “normal”, we used to play on the bomb site on the corner of “little” Oldham road and Silchester Road, until the council built a small block of flats there, that was demolished along with the house I lived in and the rest of the street and Silchester Road to make way for the “Motorway”. After leaving Latimer Road school, I went to North Kensington secondary modern school, and left there in 1954.Maybe the old grey matter wil be stirred up some more, I’m sure there is some left, I hope.

  8. James Farndale says:

    A few more memories…
    I knew some-one named Brian, who lived in Blechynden Street, on the right hand side towards Bramley Road very near the corner and whose Dad I thought was a chauffeur. I used to stop there for Brian on the way to school. I also remember the family Pearce in Oldham Road. I used to do some grocery deliveries for Berrymans grocers in Silchester Road, using his proper grocers bike. My Gran and Grandad used to live next door to us in Oldham Road, and my Uncle Butch Podmore lived a couple of hundred yards away in Silchester Road opposite Dr Buttery’s practice. The Sadgroves lived a few doors further up. Maybe the old grey matter will be exercised again in the near future.

    • Margaret Pitcher Morgan says:

      I lived in Silchester Road, next to The Calverly street flats. I was friends with Jeannie Slaney . I also knew Brian Iles ,The Podmores and the Sadgroves. David Humphries sister lent me her wedding dress in 1961 … still married 55 years next month… My mum and Nan shopped at Berrymans.

      • James Farndale says:

        Hi Margaret, I can’t say that I remember you, I know it sounds rude, but I think maybe you are a year or two older than me. I was born in march 1939 and I got married in 1963 so I’m coming up to 53 years in October. David’s sister was a couple of years older than me. Perhaps some more memories will come back. I can only remember that we were in our own little world and didn’t take any notice of the big “stuff”. I do remember being clever in Silchester mews riding my “bitsa” bike I put my foot on the front wheel to stop, the bike stopped and I didn’t, and landed flat on my face with a flattened and bleeding nose, I run home crying my eyes out, and nice girl followed me home with my bike. Doh!
        James ( now that I’m all grown up)

    • Brian Iles says:

      Hello James The Brian you are thinking of is Brian Brooks. His dad was a chauffeur who worked for Rootes in Barlby Road. I also remember the Pearce family (Stuart Pearce) in Oldham Road as they lived next door to the Dyers. Les Dyer was a very good friend of my brother Frank. I also remember “Titchy” Hewitt and Jimmy Slaney. Jimmy was known for wanting to dive into any pool of water he saw. One of the summer camps a crowd of us was on with the Harrow club, I think it was at the Isle of Wight, we passed a large tank filled with water with green algae floating on the surface. We told Jimmy that we would lob in sixpence each if he would dive in it. He did and took the money…he could have killed himself.

      • Brian Iles says:

        Correction: Sorry, Stuart Pearce should Dennis Pearce

      • Ken Saunders says:

        Hello Brian I remember you and Brian Brooks being good friends and you used to hang around with Joan Deamer from Mersey St where my cousins the Worleys lived. I was at the Harrow club and remember Gus who was a really good snooker player also I attended the summer camp in Bembridge IOW wtith you and Harry Brasher etc. what a laugh we all had especially the night we had a hay fight on top of a hayrick and one of us had fallen through a hole in the hay so we had to stop to get them out and next morning we could see the hayrick had been flattened – Lou Ashman was not at all happy as he had to pacify the farmer whose field we were camping in. Also at this camp Mrs Pithers got stung by a wasp and but still cooked our food with a bandaged hand. I knew Joe Webb I am sure his mum was called Aimey .I was friends with Butch Podmore and his cousin John Hannington, they both would sing in the Latimer on the same bill as Danny McDermott and Tommy Thornbrook what fun nights they were. Also in the meet up in the Latimer would be Tony Simpson, Ken Andrews and a few others all with our girlfriends so more often or not there would be a party at someones house or sometimes stay in the pub for afters upstairs.
        Ken Saunders

      • Joe Webb says:

        Hi Ken.
        I think you was in my class at school.
        I can remember you very well, do you ever see your cousins George and brother Sid Worley I also
        remember Tony and Melvin mum and George and Flo Simpson a lovely family.
        Kenny and Derick Andrews there mum Nell Andrews was Tommy Thornbrook sister.
        I went to school with both Butch and Johnny Hannington I was a member of the Rugby and
        Harrow Club in Bard Road you may remember Brian Smith he’s sister Vicky Smith Roy Munday
        And Billy Kurd . also lived in Bard Road so was Johnny Kirkum married to Mary Harper they owned
        the Bramley Arms. Percy Hammond who was married to Titch Hewitts sister.

        I would love to meet up with you guys. Ken, James . Brian. Roy I’m sure we have a lot
        in common

        Best Regards
        Joe Webb

      • Ken Saunders says:

        Joe I don’t think we were in the same class at school as believe I am a bit older than you. I do remember Brian Smith, Billy Kurd and especially Roy Munday as I used to go around with him and Ronnie Powell. My cousin George Worley lives opposite the White City Stn and his brother Sid passed away a few years ago. Tony Simpson became a publican and ran a pub in Portobllo Road. but probably retired now.
        Joe do you also remember the Restall’s that lived in Latimer Place Quite a large family there was Jimmy and his brother Teddy who was a boxer

      • Joe Webb says:

        Hi Kenny.
        I’m sorry to hear about Sid. Your Mum and Sid’s Roda mum was sister, you lived up the top of
        Latimer Rd and the Stokes lived above the shop opposite the North Pole.
        I remember Ronnie Powell he lived in North Pole Rd next door to my cousin Mrs Did Pearce. she is the mother of Stuart Pearce the football player you may remember her brothers
        Terry and Bill Hayburn they lived opposite Saxby.
        Yes I knew all the Restall’s Molly was the mother and there was Colin and two sisters too
        You would have all so known Tony Cox , The Palmer family Lenny Patsy the mum and was
        Flo and Bill Parmer , Johnny Bolt there was a Margret O’Conner that lived next door to fish
        shop. My sister and husband lived 375 Latimer Rd Jack and Joan Powell they had four boys
        Jackie Raymond Barry and Perry. Joan just died last Sunday aged 85.
        You must remember Collins the little sweat shop close to where you lived.
        God Bless
        Keep in touch

        Joe Webb

      • Ken Saunders says:

        Hello Joe, Yes I did know the Hayburns in fact Tony Cox lived next door and Jimmy Campion lived above the Coxes I have an old picture of me and Terry in 1954 also have a picture of me and Butch Podmore in Benidorm in 1961

      • Ken Saunders says:

        Hello Joe, Yes I did know the Hayburns in fact Tony Cox lived next door to them and Jimmy Campion lived above the Coxes I have an old picture of me and Terry Hayburn in 1954 also have a group picture of the Harrow club on the Isle of Wight in 1956 that has most of the names you mention also have one of me and Butch Podmore in Benidorm in 1961. I remember Collins the sweet shop I started going there with sweet coupons as rationing was on. Close by lived Ron Tuffey, Phil & Mike Rogers, Ron Hicks, Len O’connor and Dick Camp.

      • Ken Saunders says:

        I would be keen to attend if you arrange a meet up.
        Best Regards

      • Joe Webb says:

        Dear Ken

        It must be over 60 year since I have seen you last, I can also still remember Brian and the Farndale family. It would be lovely to meet up with you and any other of the writers.

        I am always around near Ladbroke Grove, Do you still live in the area of North Kensington
        what would be the best way for me to make direct contact with you.

        Kind Regards

      • Ken Saunders says:


        You contact me on

    • Peter Norrington says:

      hi James,
      I think the Brians family name was Brooks. We lived almost opposite them in 40 Blechynden street. your correct <his dad was a chauffeur. I believe he worked for Rootes
      the car company. Our house was the boarded up shop next to hayes paper shop.

  9. James Farndale says:

    Hi Margaret, do you know anything about Jimmy Slaney’s whereabouts now?

    • joe Webb says:

      Dear James.
      My name is Joe Webb I lived in Latimer Rd I would love to make contact with you. I can
      remember all these names. Titchy Hewitty. Ronny Hewitty. Dennis Hunt. Billy Hunt.
      Ronny Bergin. The Roe’s that lived in Oldhom Rd mews. Brian Foster. Frankie Moss
      I know the Slaney’s.The Killroys. Alfi Warren. John Podmore. The Sadgoves. Fred Berrymans.French’s the milk shop. Martin Kelly greengrocer Fred Hall greengroser Sidy and George Worlly lived opposite the Rixons in Mersey St. also lived in Mersey St was John Murray played cricketer for England. Allan Mullery MBE Football lived down in Walmer Rd Ray Hodges lived Oldham Rd Mews. Brian Iles I think he was a Bricklayer lived opposite casteldos shoe reparis in Blechynden St. also lived in Latimer Rd was Tony and Melvin Smpson Lenny Palma. Kenny and Tony Andrews. The Corney family. Ray. Norman. Dennis. Geroge Munns. The footballer Stuart Pearce mum live opposite the volunteer Pub. I was both a Rugby and Harrow club member

      • James Farndale says:

        Hi Joe, I can remember most of the names, but I didn’t recognise yours at all, maybe you knew my elder Brother, who is also on this site. It’s nice to find someone else of the era. Catch up some more later. Regards, James

      • Brian Iles says:

        Hello Joe Webb. Like James Farndale I also remember quite a number of the people you mention but I don’t recall yourself. However, you seem to remember me as you are right, I did live opposite Castaldo’s shoe menders and did do an apprenticeship in bricklaying but gave up the tools shortly after and joined a large building company I worked with for over thirty years. I’m now enjoying a happy retirement.Jog my memory about yourself !!

  10. Margaret Pitcher Morgan says:

    Hi Guys
    No I don’t know the whereabouts of anyone …I must say I do recognize a lot if names, I did hang out with a few, but I got married in 1961 and moved to Canada in1963.I only ever kept in touch with Margaret Shanahan. Would be awesome to know how everyone is doing now

  11. James Farndale says:

    Hi again Joe, do you know the whereabouts of Jimmy Slaney? I know he was conscripted a year or 2 before I was in 1959 and I think it was about 1959/1960 we lost touch of each other.

    • Peter Norrington says:

      Can anybody help with tracing Kenny Bloomfied or any other members of the Harrow club from the early 60s. or anybody who went to Issac Newton school about the same time.
      Kind Regards. Peter Norrington.

  12. James Farndale says:

    Hi Brian Iles, I’m struggling to remember you. If you had some aquatic animals and terrapins then I do know you, but the memory is vague. Did we do some junior athletics, like walking races round the block?, home made scooter races in Calverly street? I hope my memory is not that bad.

    • Brian Iles says:

      Hello James. No I’m sorry I was not the keeper of the terrapins. In my post last year I mentioned you as I thought I recognised your name. We are of similar age-did you go to Latimer Road school? I have just returned to the site after posting my contribution and am amazed by the follow-ups I’d missed.
      Regards Brian

      • James Farndale says:

        Hi Brian, I did go to Latimer Road School. I returned there with my Brother to have a look round the place early last year, but they wouldn’t let us in. We managed (we think) to get to where our house was with the flyover column in what used to be our backyard.

  13. ziggybass says:

    Joe Webb. You will find most of those names come up on our Facebook sites: Born and Breed in W10 and Bord and Breed in W11 Melvyn Simpson and Johnny Corney were in my class in Latimer Rid Juniors. I was swimming Cpt for the school. Brian Smith and Brian Whitcombe were in the team. Brian Smith swam for the Harrow and I swam for the Rugby Club to! FaceBook is a much better place to locate neighbours and school mates. Cheers!

  14. Jacqueline driver says:

    I went to Thomas Jones from nursery till I was 7. I was born in 1955 and lived at 225 Latimer Rd. My mum and dad were John and Doreen Driver. I also went to the Mission and have fond memories of being able to play outside with siblings and friends. Happy days.

    • Joe Webb says:

      Hi Jacqueline I knew your mum and dad I think your dad was a painter at that time
      you lived close to Reg Simmons and the Carpinters family close to the Brit Pub.
      I lived at 255 Latimer Rd
      I’m a bit older then you, but when I went to that school it was called Latimer Road school.
      My sister Ruth Webb was friendly with your mum.


      Joe Webb

      • Elaine says:

        HI, my name is Elaine Lovett (nee Cox). I was born at 387 Latimer Road and Tony Cox is my brother. The Restalls were my mother’s relatives being born and raised there. My mother Mary and dad Fred now both passed away. My brother Tony is 80 this year. /the Heyburns are relatives Mary Heyburn being my Dad’s sister. Aunt Did and the Heyburns all relatives. I left when I was three – Perhaps you recall me.

      • Joe Webb says:

        Dear Elane.

        I knew your mum and dad Mary and Fred, and of course your brother Tony. I can remember your
        mum when she moved to Borehamwood it was just off Furzehill Road, I last see Tony about 20 years ago and he still lived in the Borehamwood area.

        When you lived at 387 Latimer Road your mum and dad lived on the ground floor and the family
        called Campions lived upstairs, your next door neighbor at 385 was Jack and Jessie Heyburn
        not Mary Heyburn I’m sorry to say your dad was not related to the Heyburn’s ( how do I know this )
        Jessie Heyburn and my Mum Amy Webb was sisters We lived 255 Latimer Rd. my mum’ Jessie and your mum was great friends, I can remember has a small boy, my mum Jessie, and Jessie’s daughter Did going to your house in Borehamwood that would have been in the 50s
        Did married Dennis Pearce they had four children one of them being Stuart Pearce the Nottingham Forrest and England Footballer.

        I also knew the Restalls they was sort of related to my mum by marriage, one of my mum’s other
        sisters Annie, was married to man called Pat Doyle. Pat and Molly Restall was brother and sister.

        I would love to here from Tony if you have contact number or mail address.

        God Bless Lots love
        Joe Webb

  15. A very strange, but delightful experience, scrolling through the old photographs and seeing my mum and dad’s wedding picture and my grand-dad ‘Skip’ running his much loved Boys Brigade. My mum’s family (the Rixons) lived in the now demolished Mersey Street, as did I for a year or so, until mum and dad (Jean Rixon and Phil Buckle) moved away. Happy days. Paul Buckle

  16. James Farndale says:

    I’ve just returned to the site because the name Brian Brook(e)s popped into my head. Was he the lad I hung out with for a while? He lived in Blechynden Street on the right hand side near the corner of Bramley Road.

  17. James Farndale says:

    Hi Brian, I have posted a reply to you, but did it on the Library Time Machine, and I thought it would end up here, but it doesn’t appear to be so. Maybe It’s not actually been authorised yet. I’m on facebook.

  18. John Turner says:

    My name is John Turner I lived in Silchester Road my two brothers Peter and Geoff. I wonder if anybody remembers us

    • Joe Webb says:

      Hi John, where did you live in Silchester I think know your bother Peter


      • John Turner says:

        Hi Joe I lived at 73 the Wise family lived opposite. Mr French run a dairy opposite also. Peter died unfortunately very young 22 and Geoff died two years ago. I went to Latimer Road school from 1952 to 1956 when we moved to the country, l moved back a year later same house. My school friends were John Moss David Howlett both lived in little Oldham Road.

      • Joe Webb says:

        Hi John sorry to hear about your brother I must have know them
        I must have known you to, I live just round the corner for you in Latimer Road I knew all the
        David Howlett and all the Moss family the Dad was Frank there was four children Margie, young Frank ‘ Johnny and a older sister who all so had a son called Johnny. Frank died four month ago aged 85 he lived on the Isle of Wight. I can still remember Ted and Nan Wise and Mr French the
        milk man,other shops near you was Harry Woodnut ( Butcher ). Tommy Lane ( Bikes ).
        Fred Berryman ( Groceries ). Martin Kelly ( Green Grocer ). Tiddy Maybank ( News Agent ).
        Alf Digby ( Scrap Metal Yard ). all so lived near you Tony Buttler, Ron. Titch. Johnny Hewitt
        Billy and Dennis Hunt. Charlie Row ( all lived in Oldham Road ).

        John please keep in touch I have many more names i can put to you

        God Bless
        Joe Webb

        I meet up last week with a fantastic guy from Latimer Road last week called Kenny Saunders
        I had’nt seen him for more then 65 years.
        I’m sure I can speak for Ken, we would both love to meet up with anybody from our time
        in North Kensington so please get in touch, just Remember we have less years in front, then we have behind

        Love to all

        Joe Webb

      • Ken Saunders says:

        It was great to meet up with you and talk about events and the people we both grew up with in North Kensington and look forward to meeting you again soon.

        In your response to John you mentioned Ted & Nan Wise I am sure they had a Rag and Bone shop where they lived in Silchester Rd.

        best regards


      • Joe Webb says:

        Hi Ken.
        Yes, lovely to meet up with you last week.
        You are right Ken, Ted Wise had the rag shop, Ted and his son was a very tall people.
        He had two daughters one of the daughters had a son called Raymond they would have lived right opposite John Turners house, there was a small manufacturing company on that parade of shops called Fowler’s.
        Reading back on Brian Iles reply to me on Jan 10 2017 when Brian said he cant remember me
        When I first started out I was also a bricklayer, we both went to the trade school in Lime Grove Shepherd’s Bush, Brian you will remember Ivor Boyes the bricklaying instructor, there was another apprentice we was both friendly with at the school called Vic ? If I can remember you worked for the building company in Nottinghill Gate I think Leslies or Bovis.

        Best Regard

        Joe Webb

      • John Turner says:

        Hi Joe,my house was between Tommy Lanes bike and a family called the Coldstraems, my sister Barbara was very very friendly with the daughter Babs. My brother Geoff was friends with Derek Cooper who lived at the last house next to the shop on the corner at Walmer Road. I met up a couple of couple of years ago with Micky and John Jordan, they lived in Salter House the corner of Oldham Road. I remember Raymond Wise very well. John Turner.

      • Joe Webb says:

        Hi John Thank you for your reply. I knew both Derek Cooper and the Coldstraems but not that well.
        My brother Leslie was more friendly Coldstraems. I’m not that sure but I think one of the sons
        was called Ron, but I did know Mick Jordan. Mick was also friendly with Derick (ginger) Thomas.
        I bump in to Mick Jordan about ten years ago he was then school caretaker in Northolt.
        Raymond that lived opposite you his name was not Wise. his mum’s name was Ivy Wise. I don’t
        remember what his second name was. There was two other boys you may have known who lived
        opposite the Black Bull pub, Brian Foster and Johnny Podmore, Johnny is the cousin of
        Albert (butch) Podmore.

        Please keep in touch. John may be the next Ken and I go out you might like to join us

        God Bless keep Well

        Joe Webb

      • John Turner says:

        Hi Joe, I have remembered a few more names, the name Ronnie Birgin rings a bell. Did you or anyone ever go on holiday with the mission to Seasalter, nr Whitstable I think I went twice. My mum was very friendly with a lady called Miss Ross, she lived on the opposite side of the street from the mission her house looked up Oldham Road. She I think used to organise them if my memory serves me right. The name Proctor is also familiar. I would like to meet up with anyone from those times. I was born in 1947 ( 70 in July) John Turner.

    • Hi john. Did you live the Feathers end near the baths? You slso didnt mention the time frame your refering to?

  19. Jacqueline driver says:

    My name is jacqueline driver..i was 9 when we had to leave 225 latimer mum and dad were john and doreen driver and my nan and grandad were bill & emily rooke who lived in hurstway st…we moved to roehampton in the 60′ s…i am not ignorant..i just cant be bothered to use caps etc…i will say however..that of 6 children have great memories of notting dale..i went to thomas jones and we lived next to the brit pub and the simmonds family were my mum and dads close friends…we lived..3 families in 1 house…my mum remained friends with joy and john frederick..even untill many years later!! the fredericks ran the pub where john used to sing…at the north pole..sadly my parents died and also john and joyce..but my mum & dads 6 kids are still are fredricks kids etc and we keep in touch..still happy days!@@

    • Joe Webb says:

      Hi Jacqueline, I knew your mum and dad, the Fredericks and the Simmonds in fact I still see young
      Reggie, who must be about your age around 60s, he’s mum Babs is still around she is in her 80’s
      Babs husband all so called Reggie died about four years ago, you may also remember the
      granddad also was called Reg Simmonds he was a bookmaker and was one of the first people to have licensed betting shops there was also another son called Laurie Simmonds who was a black
      cab driver. Jacqueline correct me if i’m wrong when your dad and Johnny Fredericks were both young they were painters in there day. My sister Ruth knew your mum very well. you may well
      remember Josie Howell who lived very close to you in Latimer Road, Josie had the flower shop
      in Goldhawk Road Station, and Tommy Sellars who lived just a few doors from you

      I love to here more from you Jacqueline.

      God bless keep well
      Joe Webb
      255 Latimer Road

  20. Mike Read says:

    Does anybody on this site remember The Buttery in St Helen’s Gardens? Said to be Emile Ford’s first ever public appearance. Trying to confirm for a BBC project. Thanks, Mike

  21. Peter Norrington says:

    Would anybody from the hill like to meet up. I don’t mind where. if there are any boozers left in the dale. or we could meet in the Bush Or Hammersmith. my wife Janet (formerly Sailsbury) lenny,s
    sister. live on Hayling Island. but would love to meet up with anybody from our old Manor.

    Regards. Peter Norringtion

    • john Matthews says:

      My name is John (AKA Johnny) Matthews, Born in 1946 I lived at 31 Silchester Terrace. I was in the 146 Boys Brigade at the Latymer Mission for a few years and played the bugle. Along with our belt badge button and our pill box hat number, we were responsible for ensuring our brass bugle was always highly polished. The smell, keeping fit with ropes and a wooden horse.

      Our Skipper was Mr Buckle, his eldest son was Philip and played the drums, his younger son was also in the brigade. I remember at one parade in the hall we had an audience and were marching up and down playing our instruments, we then had to stand to attention for a long time. I fainted but before I hit the ground skipper caught me and took me outside into the fresh air. He explained that if you do stand at attention for a long time your circulation is affected, to counter act that soldiers on parade slightly rock their feet.

      They had a club at the back of the mission where you could play snooker/billiards darts etc. if I remember correctly to qualify to get into the club on a Friday night you had to attend the mission for a service on the previous Sunday.

      I remember one year we all went to Guernsey camping in bell tents, I was about 13 at the time. We left Paddington Station and went by steam train to Weymouth to catch the ferry. I could not believe that a Steam train would actually travel along the street with people walking so close to the train when we got to Weymouth. We did manage to get to the ferry without running anyone over. Health and Safety would go crazy at the thought of that nowadays.

      Crossing the sea was terrible with almost everyone being sea sick. It was my first time away from home without the family (we had been hop picking a few times together).
      Whilst in Guernsey I was introduced to my first cigarette a Matterhorn Menthol. I will never forget the shock to the back of my throat, I did smoke for a while after but gave up in my early twenties.

  22. Steve marriott says:

    My Grandparents Bert and Mary Marriott lived at 58 Blechynden Street, also 11 Richmond Road and 5 Silchester Terrace. They had three children my father Albert William Marriott known as Bill, Eileen, and Reg. My Grandfather Bert passed away in 1955 from cancer, my grandmother lasted three weeks after her forced move from Blechynden Street to Roehampton. Does anybody remember them? Reg is the only one still alive at age 89.

  23. The Mission Hall was used for wardrobe, makeup and catering during the filming of ‘Children of the Damned’ in July 1963. The filming took place on Mersey Street outside the former Monarch pub.

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