Campden Institute


I attended school at the Campden Institute from 1955/56 until 1957/58. It was a small school situated in Lancaster Road next to the Ladbroke Grove Public Library.

In 1895 the Campden Charities had bought the site with plans for a school to educate the ‘poor of the area’. The opening was the following year. In 1936 the London County Council took control of the school until it was closed in 1958 due to the opening of Holland Park Comprehensive.

Programme for Prizegiving, 1957-1958 (RBK&C Local Studies)

When I attended, there were around 200 girls aged 13-16, spread over 6 classes with 2 per year. Technical subjects were taught such as housecraft, cookery, childcare and needlework, together with a full range of academic subjects. We did not study for O or A Levels. Instead there were outside exams – London Chamber of Commerce Arithmetic, Electrical Association of Women’s Homeworkers Examination and the National Association for Maternity and Child Welfare Examination in Mothercraft.

For recreation we had lessons in Greek dancing, dressed in green cotton tunics.

Although I only had two years at the Campden, they were happy times and I count myself fortunate to have been taught there.


Doreen Marrow, 2012

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6 Responses to Campden Institute

  1. Ann Baker (Driscoll) says:

    Very interested to read about my old School. I am keen to get a reunion going and wonder how to start. Iwas there from 1953 until 1957. Miss Unwin was our Headmistress. Ann Driscoll was my name then. My best friend was Margaret Burt, with whom I am still in contact. Ann Baker

    • Theresa Lyons says:

      Dear Ann
      You left school before me but we did sing together in “School and cross bones” the year you left, it would be great to have an old girls school reunion , I still see Pat Gibbons and Eileen Gale.
      When was you thinking ?
      Hope you had a wonderful Christmas.
      Hope to hear from you soon.
      Kind regards
      Theresa. (Lyons)

  2. Theresa Lyons says:

    My name is Theresa Lyons I went to this school ,I loved it my friends Pat Gibbons and Eleen gale
    Are still in touch.yes I know we would love to meet with with you it would be great to have a school reunion.

  3. Gloria Fletcher Kent. says:

    I attended Campden Institute. from1949 – 1952. Miss Unwin was headmistress .l did childcare.

    • Theresa Lyons says:

      Hello it was lovely to have news of our school,why Not all met up ?
      It would be great. Keep in touch.

  4. joan reynolds says:

    Joan Reynolds nee Thornton
    I attended Camden tech from Sept 1952 – July 1955.
    Miss Unwin was Headmistress, Mrs Clark came weekly to take us for greek dancing and mime.
    Miss Payne who was the cookery teacher, always reminded me of Joyce Grenville the actress.
    My close friends were Joan Loudensack, Pat Aherne, Marian Smith, Gillian Lowe.If anyone has any news of them I would like to get in touch. We had a good time at the Camden and it would be nice to hear from anyone. I do remember Ann Driscoll .

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