Coronation Day in North Kensington – street parties.

The following photographs recall the local street parties enjoyed by families celebrating Queen Elizabeth’s Coronation in 1953. Included at the end are some from an earlier date that are from 1945 Victory parties,  as we have found that sometimes there is confusion as to whether they are Victory or Coronation parties!

photo from Local Studies, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

photo from Local Studies, Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea

Above: Avondale Park Road.
coronation day 1953 babs-rita

On Walmer Road.

Left : Rita and Babs Schorman outside 77 Walmer Road. The house was eventually demolished following the building of Westway.

walmer rd. coronattonparty.2Walmer Rd.coronationparty

Above:  the children of Walmer Road in fancy dress. Notice the TV screen with Muffin the Mule, a popular TV puppet. The small boy is dressed as the celebrated jockey Sir Gordon Richards. Photos: John Henwood

calverley st

Left: Nearby Calverley Street, later to be demolished to make way for Westway. Photo: A.Bateman.






Below : Aldermaston Street, another street that disappeared with the building of Westway. Oxford Gardens School can be seen in the background.

Aldermastonst. OGschool

The following series of photos are of Rillington Place (lent by the Westbury family).


According to some readers of the blog this photo is not at the Coronation Party on Rillington Place but is of a VJ party  earlier in 1945 (see  Lynne Shipton’s comment at the end of this entry).

It was in this street, running off St Mark’s Road, that the bodies of several murdered women were discovered earlier in the year in no 10. A former resident of the house, John Reginald Halliday Christie, was, by June 1953 awaiting trial on charges of murdering two women. The houses on the street were later demolished and the street name disappeared. It is now Bartle Road.

Below are photos of a Coronation party outside the Volunteer pub on Latimer Road. In the background is A.Saxby & Sons Removals at the end of Latimer Place

Coronation party Volunteer Latimer Place.Sonya Mills

Coronation party outside Volunteer Latimer Rd.Sonya Mills

These have been sent in by Sonia Mills.

Victory Party 1945, Latimer Road. Photo: Sonya Mills.

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53 Responses to Coronation Day in North Kensington – street parties.

  1. Len Hale says:

    Hi … I am in the ‘ Avondale Park Rd Photograph at the top of this page … I am the 5 yr old ( nearly 6 yr old ) standing on the left hand side wearing the big Cowboy hat ( I believe the young woman in the front of the Photograph beside the girl holding the baby is my Mother and possibly my Nan is the women at the back… my Mother and my Nan both had black hair and my Father, who was called ‘ sandy ‘ had blonde hair … just like I have in the above Photograph … I was born in ‘ Brendon House, Avondale Park Rd ‘ in 1947 … Opposite the small block of flats was the bakery where my Mum and Nan worked … I would like to see if anyone has any photographs of Brendon House, or the Bakery in Avondale Park Rd … thanks for sharing the Photographs … Len

    • Gary says:

      Hey Lenny Gary says hello, look me up on facebook.

      • Len says:

        Hi Gary … I’m not a member of Facebook can you give a little more info about Kensington ….

    • starlyon says:

      Hey Lenny what was the name of the mission we used to go to?
      I still remember some of the songs but not the name of the place.
      Gary (find me on Facebook).

      • Len says:

        Hi … The Mission is on the OS map but just says ‘ Mission Hall , Fowell Street ‘ Fowell Street is off Bomore Road … The only Song I remember singing at the Mission Hall was ‘ Michael Row The Boat Ashore ‘ … I think the Mission Hall has a long History … are you in the Photograph also …

      • Len says:

        Hi Gary … I managed to find some information about the Mission Hall, “ the Sunday School in Fowell Street “ it was originally a “ PRIMITIVE METHODIST CHAPEL “ … In the Potteries, Notting Hill …On the memorial stone outside the Chapel was the following inscription … “ This stone was laid August 2, 1864, by J. Fowell, Esq., who kindly gave the land, Rev. J. Phillips, Superintendent Minister. J. Carrud, Architect and Builder ”… this inscription could be useful when looking for more information about the Sunday School… but I still don’t know what the Mission Hall was called when we went to it … But I think it might have been a Catholic Sunday School ? …

  2. Geraldine moore says:

    The mission was in fowell street when we had to go to Sunday school and the bakers was the moo cow do you know where I can get any photos of fowell street

    • Len says:

      Hi Geraldine … unfortunately I do not have any Photographs of Fowell Street … just like Photographs of “ Avondale Park Road “ they seem to be quite difficult to find … I will however try to find some as I am searching and will upload any that I might find … thanks’ for reminding me of the name ” Moo-Cow ” …do you know if ” The Moo Cow ” was the real name of the bakery or was it just a local expression ? … I think there might have been a coal yard in Fowell Street that sold coal and blocks of wood… the wooden blocks were from the dismembering of the old outdated ” Tram Lines “.

  3. Geraldine moore says:

    Hi Len I know photos of fowell hard to find I lived at no 20 had aunts and an uncle in Avondale park rd they was the watlings yep it was the moo cow I used to sit on the iron steps I to went to the mission and at Easter would walk up and down the street led by mr rose what about the swimming baths more to follow of to get cooks pie and mash

  4. Geraldine moore says:

    Ray carpenter Says has anyone got any information on nottinghill in the sixties and any photos will be very much appreciated

  5. starlyon says:

    Hey Lenny
    I recall a song about being in a boat where we all linked arms and swayed to and fro but the only line I can remember is ‘and when were about the devil will shout there goes the ??? road mission.
    I was 10 months old when that photo was taken so I don’t know if I am one of the babies in it.
    You can search for my email address on goolgemail

    • Len says:

      Hi Gary … Yes! all of our family are in the Photograph … I believe you are the Baby in the Photograph and I believe Pauline is in the Photograph too … I think Trevor is the boy with the springs on him ( I think its supposed to represent a popular character at that time )… Susan is not in the Photograph and neither is June …. I cant remember any song with the Devil mentioned in it I only remember the song ” Michael-Row-The-Boat-Ashore … I wish I had more Photographs from the past ( I know Photographs were taken ) but I was however told some time ago that ” Bob ” burned all the Photographs when Cathy died …

  6. christine thompson says:

    Hi Len / Geraldine, my dad Douglas Thompson had an old cine camera and filmed family and friends circa early 60s? includes soem local area shots, I am in the film at approx 18 months old, I am now 51 1/2 so that makes the film 50 years old! We had it transferred to a cd, I have a copy I can send you if anyone wants one?
    Geraldine my Gran was a Moore too!

    • starlyon says:

      i would love to see the film, why not upload it to YouTube and post the link, that would help everyone interested in this area..

    • Len says:

      Hi Geraldine / Len … I think a lot of people would be very interested to see the cine camera film your Dad took in-and-around the Kensington area… I also think it would draw more people to this site who also have film and photographs etc … thanks for sharing it with us,

  7. Peter Murphy says:

    The mission in Fowell Street was called Bramley Hall, it was not a Catholic Mission

  8. E Brown says:

    In the 50’s They used to sing a song in Bramley Hall mission, -Sunshine corner oh very fine it’s for children under 99 all are welcome and the seats are free come to Bramley Hall it’s the place for me.
    Mr Rose had a son called Peter and I remember May Trotman used to open up.
    I was searching for Ernest Napier funeral director Lancaster Rd /Fowell St and some nice photos of Fowell Street came up.
    E Brown

  9. teresastokes says:

    It is not correct that Rillington Place is now Bartle Road. The new development was built in such a way as to obscure the old street lines. The line of what was Rillington Place cuts across part of St Andrew’s Square. it is further south than Bartle road, and at an angle to it.

  10. Bill. says:

    Hi my name is Bill I am the boy in the jester suit in the Rillington Place photo. Also in the photo is my aunt Sandra and some more of my family – we lived at No.8.

    • dave says:

      hi bill I am Dave lived no 17 then 16 find me on facebook

    • Hello Bill, are you one of the Lawrence family? I remember Sandra. I live in Australia, I looked at the Coronation Photos, its that long ago, I cant figure out who is me. Photos of Rillington Place and the residents seem to be very scarce. Win

      • Pam Kelly says:

        Hello my old friend long time since we all played n rillilington place I see you are in Australia I’m on holiday with my youngest daughter in USA

    • Hello Bill, I sent a reply about 10 minutes ago, but I dont think I did it right, so here I go again. You lived at no 8, I lived at No 3, I knew Sandra Lawrence and her brother Jimmy, I am sure there were more in the family but I cant remember their names. At no 9 I think there was a lady with twins, at no 11 Pamela Newman lived, opposite Christie. I hope this is helpfull. Regards Win

      • LYNNE SHIPTON says:

        Hi Win, Pamela Newman is my aunt who celebrated her 77th birthday 2 days ago. I have a copy of the same picture that is shown on here and it is definitely not a Coronation party photo but a VJ Party photo, August 1945. Pam’s cousins, Thelma and Pat Gipps are in this photo as is her older brother Ted Newman. I have many pictures from Rillington Place, including the 1935 Silver Jubilee party for George V, VE Party, VJ Party and Coronation Party. Bess and Fred Styles also lived at no. 11. The Martins lived nearby too.

      • Hi Win, my aunt is Pam Newman who celebrated her 77th birthday 2 days ago. The last picture in the Rillington Place photos is not a Coronation party photo, it was taken August 1945 at the VJ party, I have the exact same photo in my collection. I also have photos from the 1935 George V silver jubilee party, VE Party and Coronation party photos. Fred and Bess Styles also lived at n0. 11 and the Martins lived near too.

      • Hi Win, my aunt is Pamela Newman who celebrated her 77th birthday 2 days ago. That last picture in the Rillington Place series is not the Coronation Party but the VJ Party in August 1945, I have the exact same photo. I Have many others from all the other big events in Rillington place including a George V Silver Jubilee Party photo.

      • Hi Win, Pam Newman is my aunt. I have many photos of Rillington place and the exact same one that is the last of The Rillington photos above. That is not the coronation Party but the VJ Party in August 1945.

      • Lynne, I will change the details next to the photo. Sue at North Ken histories

      • Hi Win, I am Pam Newman’s niece, she celebrated her 77th birthday 2 days ago. The last picture of Rillington Place is not the Coronation Party but the VJ Party in 1945, I have the exact same picture.

      • Lynne Shipton says:

        Ooops, thought that it wasn’t working and just kept retrying, sorry for all the messages.

      • Pam Kelly says:

        Hello win it’s Pam Newman can’t believe I’ve found you after all these years

      • Pam Kelly says:

        Pam kelly now I was Pam Newman

    • Pam Kelly says:

      I remember Billy Lawrence well. I’m Pam Newman from no 11.

  11. Derek Newell says:

    I went to an end of World War Two party that was held in Rillington Place. Does anyone else remember the occasion and maybe have photos? I was friends with Len Tunbridge whose father run a building business on the corner of St. Marks Rd and Rillington Place.

  12. Sonya Mills says:

    My father grew up on Latimer Road his name was Brian Bateman and his brother was Ron his mum was Lou (nee Cooper) and his dad verge (known as Joe I think) Ron went on to marry Doreen Harvey (or Beryl Doreen Harvey) who also lived in the area. Any info would be great 🙂

  13. Sonya Mills says:

    Oops just noticed a typo … My grandad was ‘George known as Joe’ !!

  14. Tom says:

    In the third photo down I believe this is not meant to be Muffin the Mule on TV but a doggy in a window, Hence the note hanging below “How Much”

    • Patricia O'connor says:

      Hello tom, we’ve just found this site you’re correct that is my sister Pam and she was the doggy in the window, and i am the lord mayoress next to the boy dressed up as the jockey who is my cousin martin and the girl dressed up as the coronation cracker is my cousin linda

  15. Tom Jelley says:

    Hi all, my name is Tom Jelley. I am the son of Tom senior and Mrs Vi Jelley at 321 Latimer Road now living in Suffolk does anybody remember me long time ago?

  16. Clare says:

    My father was George Hough born in 1939 (sister Doreen, brothers Roy and Charlie). Lived in Wilsham Street and Avondale Park Road. Does anyone remember him? I would love to see any photos that you might have. Thank you.

  17. Valerie Robinson says:

    Hi I was born in 11 Rillington Place and my mum and dad were Fred and Bess Styles. I have those Coronation Photos and can remember all the names of the kids in them also some of those in the Victory party photo. We had some great times in that street. Happy memories.

    • Phoebe O'connor says:

      Hello Valerie, do you remember Patrica O’connor and Pamela O’connor? They’re in the 3rd and 4th picture and lived in 5 Bracewell Road

    • Pam Kelly says:

      Hi my friend never thought I’d find you on Facebook love these old photos you are in a lot

  18. Valerie Robinson says:

    Hi Phoebe, no I am sorry I only know the children in the Rillington Place photos, perhaps someone else might recognise them.

  19. Christine Thompson says:

    Sorry for the delay in posting;
    Some of you may find this interesting!

  20. Sally Stevens says:

    Hello, I found the pictures very interesting. I wonder if anyone can help me. My grandfather Joseph Percy Cook lived in Silchester Road, North Kensington. I know he had a furniture removal shop and I think the shop was called J.P. Cook and sons. I’ve no ideas about dates but I would say 1930-1950.

    He had 5 sons and two daughters, Josh, and did used to play cricket and I think Herbert Cook’s son used to help him with furniture removals. Hoping you can help . Thankyou .

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